Dad Builds His Daughter a Cardboard Replica of a Star Wars Snowspeeder

This dad made his daughter a perfect replica of a snowspeeder from Star Wars

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It’s nearly summer, but that hasn’t stopped one dad from preparing his little girl for the icy surface of Hoth — and putting other parent’s cardboard creations to shame. For his daughter’s “Drive-In Movie Night” on the last day of school, for which parents and kids were asked to come with a cardboard vehicle, Imgur user Poorkids went lightyears beyond and cobbled together an incredible replica of the wedge-shaped Star Wars T-47 Airspeeder.

And can we just marvel at the detail? The snowspeeder, looks ready to go toe-to-tether with AT-ATs on the surface of Hoth. Look at those vents! The cannons! The coloring! The detailing on everything from the body itself to the shape of the cockpit windshields. We imagine his daughter was pretty stoked to show up with such a creation — and that other dads’ cardboard vehicles paled in comparison. To complement his creation, Poorkids was generous enough to provide his Rebel plans in the form of step-by-step instructions. If you have the time — and a lot of spare boxes — you can get your kid ready for battle in a few weeks.

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