Burning ‘WandaVision’ Question: What Is Vision Working With Down There?

Apparently, we almost saw Vision's jewels in a previous 'Avengers' movie, but the bigger question remains — Is he fully functional?

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In the Disney+ series WandaVision, the warped “reality” of Wanda and Vision’s sitcom world has resulted in Vision becoming…a father! We’re very happy for him! But, after the twins are born in episode 3 of WandaVision, we really got to ask: How is Vision a father? More to the point, how is Vision a biological father of these twins? Is he, like other famous robots before him, fully functional? In other words, what is Vision working with down there?

According to the Lights, Camera, Pod Podcast, actor Paul Bettany recalls that Joss Whedon — the director of Avengers: Age of Ultron — had pushed for the inclusion of some hint of Vision’s junk in concept sketches back in 2015. Obviously, this didn’t happen, but the question still remains: As a shape-shifting robot, does Vision also have the ability to well, you know, make a baby, in the same fashion that several humans do?

Speaking to that direct question (on Comedy Central) in November 2020, Bettany simply said: “Vision can change his density, so there’s that.” He also doubled-down on the idea that “Vision is purple,” so you can do the math on what that means for the rest of his robot dad bod.

In both Avengers: Infinity War and in WandaVision, we see that Vision has the ability to make himself look entirely human. But, WandaVision also establishes that he can’t actually manufacture a regular human stomach, because we saw that one piece of chewing gum nearly broke all of his robot “gears.” However, because that sequence took place in some kind of fabricated dream world, it’s unclear if we’re meant to take any of that literally.

More broadly, though, it seems possible that Vision does have the ability to have fun times in bed with Wanda — they’re having a normal relationship in both Civil War and Infinity War — but perhaps his robot status means he’s shooting blanks. This may seem like a joke, but, if WandaVision was taking that idea seriously, the show could speak to a larger issue that men actually face.

But, to the immediate point, because Vision is technically “dead” in the current continuity of Marvel movies, the idea that he’s the biological father to Wanda’s children, may not actually be “real.” In the 2005 Marvel comic-book story “House Of M,” Wanda uses her psychic mind-powers to essentially remake the world the way she wants it to be, which includes, creating fictional children that only exist in her mind. This has a bigger impact on the rest of the Marvel characters, specifically the X-Men, and in the end, Professor X himself has to shutdown Wanda’s fantasy world.

A lot of hardcore Marvel fans think that some version of “House of M” is happening on WandaVision and that we’re seeing a TV adaptation of that mind-bending comic book story. (This happens all the time, of course, Captain America: Civil War is loosely based on a 2008 comic of the same name, and Logan is loosely based on the 2010 comic series Old Man Logan)

So, if everything happening in WandaVision is happening because Wanda has manipulated the fabric of reality (possible) then that means Vision might not actually have anything down there. Unless Wanda has altered reality in such a way that Vision is more human than he was before, meaning, that even if he didn’t have anything going on before, he does now. Maybe?

Recently, there have been indications from Paul Bettany and others that episodes 4 and 5 of WandaVision will start revealing a lot more about what is really going on in the confusing plot. (Including exciting guest stars) Here’s hoping that no matter what happens, Vision gets to keep whatever he’s seemingly been magically given!

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