He's here, he's there, he's on Sesame Street.


Brett Goldstein Visits Sesame Street to Talk About Fairness

by Devan McGuinness

Roy Kent is visiting the last place we would expect to see him – Sesame Street. The actor behind the Ted Lasso character, Brett Goldstein, has added his name to the long list of celebrities who have paid the neighborhood a visit. The reason for his visit? To talk to the residents about the “word of the day” – an f-word.

Visiting Sesame Street, Brett has a chat with Tamir while the two bake cookies together. And together, Brett and Tamir announce the “word of the day.”

“Today’s word begins with the letter F,” Tamir announces to the camera.

“Oh, I love the letter F,” Brett says, which plays right into his cuss-word-loving character on Ted Lasso. But the two probably aren’t thinking the same word.

“Today’s word is… Fairness!” Tamir shares, after a drum-roll of course.

“Fairness is when each of us gets what we need,” Brett says before Cookie Monster pops in and demands a cookie. Unfazed, Brett reminds Tamir that fairness can often mean sharing. “It is fair when we share,” he says. “What’s another way we can be fair?”

The video is part of Sesame Workshop’s Coming Together video series “Word of the Day.” The project “harnesses the power of language to nurture children’s positive and healthy senses of self.” The series was launched on March 14 and has already featured several stars – including First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and Amanda Gorman – who teach important words like “Belonging” and “Proud.”

Earlier this year, Sesame Street teased a Brett Goldstein visit sharing a quick clip of him with Oscar the Grouch who is just as grumpy as Roy Kent. “Grouches gonna grouch on Sesame Street. 💚,” the caption read. “Thanks for visiting our neighborhood @BrettGoldstein! We love you!”

Brett’s Sesame Street episode will air during the show’s 53rd season on HBO Max.