How To Hack Your Kid’s Bookshelf Into A Light Up Game Of Tetris

A top-shelf idea.

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Tetris Bookshelf

The thing about classic literature, and even more classic video games, is that it’s almost impossible to get your kid into them without getting called an old dork. That’s why you might want to start with the following video that combines both with a little technological magic. Consider it the more accessible alternative to creating a life-size Space Invaders game: A bookshelf that plays Tetris.

Øyvind Berntsen, not to be confused with Berenstain (of da bears), created the Tetris bookshelf after doing the same this with the Snake video game to propose to is fiancé, Nadia Tokerud. And it’s a good thing she said yes, or else this could’ve just been Mario crying about Princess Peach rejecting him. Sadly the video offers little specific instructions about duplicating Bernsten’s results, but the comment section gives a few key clues. He programmed the game with his computer and projected it onto his bookshelf with LEDs. And it’s an IKEA bookshelf, so the fact that it’s in once piece is impressive in itself.

If you have some basic knowledge of computer programming or are looking for an excuse to learn, by all means give bookshelf video gaming a shot. Or if you want to get analog as hell about your bookshelf Tetris, Reddit has all kinds of DIY projects for that, when you’re not busy reading. Feel free to see how those stack up.

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