The Rock’s Superhero Epic ‘Black Adam’ Release Date Confirmed

What to know about the next DC epic.

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Dwayne Johnson is finally making his official debut in superhero cinema with Black Adam, the upcoming DC Extended Universe film that will star the former wrestler turned action hero in the titular role. And over the weekend, Johnson announced Black Adam’s official release date on Instagram, revealing that the movie will come to theaters on July 29, 2022.

“A disruptive and unstoppable force of a message from the man in black himself,” Johnson captioned a photo of a Black Adam visual teaser in Times Square that announced the date. “The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is about to change.”

So we now know when the movie is coming out but we still don’t know much about the actual movie. We do know that it is a part of the DC Extended Universe, which includes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Suicide Squad. However, it’s worth noting that Black Adam will be a New Line/DC Film, which is what 2019’s Shazam! was as well. And while Superman was confirmed to exist in the same universe as Shazam in the movie (along with Aquaman), Henry Cavill did not actually make an appearance.

So, at this point, the New Line films seem to kind of exist as the younger sibling in the DC Extended Universe, though Johnson’s caption implies that could be changing. Maybe that means that Cavill or Gal Godot make a cameo in Black Adam? Hiram Garcia, the film’s producer, previously expressed interest in it but that does not mean the crossover will necessarily happen.

While the status of Superman in the film is unclear, Johnson has confirmed that Black Adam and Shazam will eventually cross paths but it may look different than in the comics, as the two have traditionally been arch-rivals. In fact, the casting of Johnson as Black Adam calls into question how much the on-screen character will resemble the character in the comics, as Black Adam has typically been a villain in the DC universe (though, to be fair, he has also been portrayed as a bit of an anti-hero type).

Black Adam will hit theaters on July 29, 2022.

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