Bill Burr hosted the latest Saturday Night Live and broke bottles and glasses in the process. It felt good.


Bill Burr On SNL: The Best Sketches Involved Breaking Glass

by Ryan Britt
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If there’s one way to sum up the last episode of Saturday Night Live, it might be to quote the immortal words of the Limp Bizkit song “Break Stuff.” In not one, but two sketches, guest-host Bill Burr was breaking glasses. And, the best part about it, is that Bill Burr breaking stuff on SNL was cathartic as hell.

In the genuinely funny sketch, “New Normal” (which you can watch above), Burr and Kate McKinnon played a couple who had been quarantined just with each other for six months and were having a socially distanced glass of wine with their neighbors for the first time in a long time. The sketch finds Burr and McKinnon coining phrases like “Noon Normal” instead of “New Normal,” and breaking wine glasses in fits of unhinged rage. In other words, even though the couple they’re playing is kind of cast as the bad guys, every couple can kind of relate to their cooped-up mania.

But, Burr breaking glasses didn’t stop with the “New Normal” sketch. In a faux-commercial for a pumpkin-flavored Sam Adams beer, Burr played a “Real Bostonian” who is asked to give his opinion about a fall-themed beer while in the middle of a grocery store. Burr spits the beer out, complains about how nobody really drinks this kind of beer and gets into a trashy fight with his grown-up “son.” It’s the kind of off-the-wall shit we’ve actually see at the grocery store, and again, Burr does a great job of being both the villain we’d never want to meet in the parking lot, and bizarrely, the hero who is denouncing beer with weird-flavors, but also, you know, drinking all of those beers, too, because, hey “there’s not anything else to drink.”

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