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These Yo Mama Jokes Will Make Mother’s Day a Little Nicer

These jokes don't have to be insults to be funny...

There is no joke format crasser, and raunchier and than the Yo Mama joke. But the maternal insult has probably been around for as long as jokes have. We see them in everything from the Bible, to Shakespeare to the format you’re used to, probably popularized by the 1993 TV series In Living ColorSince then, this kind of joke has blossomed into the quintessential insult for the western world. But this is 2019, and it’s time to give the Yo Mama joke a kinder makeover just in time for Mother’s Day.

Here are 16 kinder Yo Mamma jokes you can actually tell your mother, or, use to bolster the confidence of friends’ mother, too.

Yo Mama is so poor… she eats cereal with a fork to save milk, among many other incredibly resourceful techniques to support her family through tough economic times. In fact, she’s so good at stretching a dollar, I bet you didn’t even know your family was poor. Did you?

Yo Mama is so dumb…she went to the dentist to get a Bluetooth. That said, she is also well read, well traveled, has a nuanced view of history and politics, a profound understanding of early childhood education, and is a delightful conversationalist. But her grasp of the ever-changing technological landscape leaves something to be desired! Okay…maybe dumb is the wrong word?

Yo Mama is so old… because she was born a long time ago and has amassed a veritable treasure trove of wisdom and knowledge that she would be happy to share with you if only you’d ask. Why don’t you ask?

Yo Mama is so weird… that she still wears a pair of pink Reeboks from the ’80s and laughs too loud in movie theaters and attracts awkward stares when she dances in public. It’s almost as if she possesses such a depth of confidence and personal fulfillment that she doesn’t require material trends or the validation of strangers to feel good about herself.

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Yo Mama is so lazy… she doesn’t even do the dishes until after she makes dinner.

Yo Mama is so hairy… she gets featured in articles about modern women bucking arbitrary cultural expectations while feeling comfortable in their own skin and looking beautiful just the way God made them.

Your Mama… is so bossy she got promoted at her company way faster than anyone expected, had an early retirement, and then started her own company.

Yo Mama was like a pizza at a Superbowl party...every guy wanted a piece of her. And yet she chose your father. And though sometimes she catches herself thinking of all the different lives she could have led, she’s remained steadfast in her commitment to this family whom she loves more than all of the money, glamour, and adoration in the world. Pretty cool, huh?

Yo Mama is…more than just yo mamma. Did you know that? Have you ever taken the time to examine her soul? Her hopes? Her dreams? Her fears? All the complicated, messy, and amazing stuff that comprises the human being who just happens to be…yo mamma?

Yo Mama is so busy… she doesn’t even have time to put up every picture you draw on the refrigerator…and maybe that’s okay. Maybe you don’t need her to pat you on the head every time you color inside the lines. I mean come on, you’re almost 37, dude.

Yo Mama is so dirty...but it’s probably best not to think about that. But your dad knows…stop! Seriously don’t think about that.

Yo Mama’s laugh… is so contagious that the CDC issued a travel ban on anyone who came to her New Year’s Eve potluck.  

Yo Mama is so lucky... Or at least that’s what she says. I’m not exactly sure why I mean from the outside it seems like she’s had a pretty rough go of it. But somehow she sees the good in her life despite all the hardship and suffering.

Yo Mama is so selfish…which, occasionally, makes sense, because when you consider what is expected of women on a daily basis, relative to work/life balance, she really deserves some time to herself.

Yo Mama is so big…meaning, she runs the PTA and everyone knows her at the grocery store because she does not take shit from anyone.

Yo Mama is so smart…which, if this were the 17 century, would make her seem like a witch, but these days, that’s a good thing and we’re happy with her mystical powers.