The Best Retro ‘He-Man’ Action Figures and Toys Are Totally Brand New

You have the power! Again.

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Finding retro ’80s toys is fun, but sometimes, navigating eBay to find action figures in good shape can be a tiny bit frustrating. If you’re trying to recreate your childhood, specifically your plastic memories of He Man, Masters of the Universe, there’s a slightly easier way to get authentic versions of the He-Man action figures you remember. Starting in January 2021, toymaker Mattel began re-releasing authentic, reproductions of the classic He-Man and the Masters of the Universe action figures from your actual childhood.

That’s right. You can just buy new retro versions of He-Man, Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, Teela, and more! Ahead of the new Netflix sequel series — Masters of the Universe: Revelation — here’s our guide to snagging some fantastic retro He-Man action figures, and which ones are maybe going fast.

(Note you can get these at Target, Walmart, and elsewhere. We’ve seen them in the wild. But Amazon links follow.)

First of all, let’s talk about which He-Man action figures are the most essential.

The Best He-Man Action Figures

  • Skeletor – you know this guy, he’s got the skull face and he’s evil.
  • Teela- He-Man’s best friend. She’s also a big deal on the new series.
  • Man-at-Arms– Did this guy have a mustache or what? I had to draw a mustache on mine as a kid, right?
  • Evil-Lyn– This character was so evil, her name was just evil. (She was also bright yellow, for some reason.)
  • Orco — the silliest wizard ever. Like a Hobbit fused with a Wizard.
  • Ram-Man —Just what it sounds like, a dude that rams real hard.
  • Battle-Cat/Cringer – He-Man’s trusty green tiger.

Now, as of now, most of these classic figures have been totally reissued. Here are the ones you might want to snag before they sell out.



Classic He-Man






Masters of the Univesre: Revelation Part 1 hits Netflix on July 23.

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