The Best VR Games For Kids On Oculus Rift And PlayStation VR

Because two dimensions are overrated.

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As movies and TVs attempt to bait audiences with 3D and dimensions beyond, VR (virtual reality) feels like a perfect match for kids video games. Would you rather simulate breaking bricks with Super Mario or see the actor who played him in the 1993 film in 3 dimensions? With rising popularity and easier access to VR platforms like the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, game developers are pushing the genre’s early boundaries to what promises to be a whole new level of excitement for your kid. Here are the top VR games available now that your kids will love, but that are also simple enough for you to try out and master. Move over, Taco Tuesdays, here comes VR Thursdays.

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[Note: VR gaming headsets are a new technology and although most game titles are rated for ages 10+, gaming companies and developers have urged that no one under 12-years-old should play VR games. That said, here is a safety guide from Wareable on every VR headset for your discretion.]


Imagine steering a beetle on a single track through obstacles, baddies, and perfectly timed taps to sync with a pulsing soundtrack. No, it’s not an amazing acid trip, it’s a psychedelic VR game that’s simple in story and execution for older kids. Visually speaking, this game might have been created in Tron, but the difference is you’re controlling a bug and not one of those awesome light cycles. For now.

Common Sense’s Take: Common Sense Media is the leading nonprofit source helping parents make movie and TV choices for their children. They love the video game because it’s a visual stunner and just really simple fun. They said, “Thumper’s trippy visuals … and the effect is startling — especially if played in virtual reality, where the game’s psychedelic imagery expands in all directions around you.”

Rez Infinite

Remember in an ’80s movie whenever someone “hacked” into cyberspace, you went into a computer corridor of endless neon wireframes and digital shapes? Rez exists in that trope but ups the effects to 11. The game is actually a retrofitted version of a Dreamcast classic, but like George Lucas’s new editions of Star Wars, VR technology had to catch up to the concept. But there won’t be any nerd rage here.

Common Sense’s Take: Their review praises the game’s immersive visuals and sounds but warns this one is for older kids. “The controls are simple to pick up and play, but the flashy visuals, on-screen action, and especially the VR experience may overwhelm younger players.” Despite the warning, CSM calls the game one of the best VR games period.

  • Platform: PlayStation VR
  • Where To Buy: PlayStation
  • Ages: 12+

Fantastic Contraption

It shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to expect real-life scenarios to become VR game hits, like walking a dog or watching TV. This game is close to that because it just makes your kids build stuff. Contraption, a puzzle game utilizes a player’s creativity and ingenuity to construct machines in order to solve out challenges. Plus you use your whole body which means you’ll look ridiculous in real life.

Reviews: UploadVR says it’s “a great puzzle game that keeps you thinking about building new machines long after the headset is off.” The game has been touted for its addictive play and how it encourages players to use their imagination as well.

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

It’s like The Hurt Locker, but you’ll hopefully sweat a lot less. The concept behind Talking is simple: There’s a bomb in front of one player and your friends have to talk you through bomb manuals in order to help you defuse the bomb. The video game relies on team communication to keep everyone explosion free. The VR visuals are not as epic as everything else on this list, but the basic premise is easy enough, even your mother-in-law can play. She loves talking.

Common Sense’s Take: CSM says the game is an “Excellent VR puzzler [that] teaches kids to cooperate, [and] communicate.” But they didn’t say anything about your kids making a mess in their pants.

Space Pirate Trainer

Battle waves and waves of droids in growing size as you take cover and become a crack shot with a blaster? Well, that’s really it. SPT is basic in execution, but visually you feel like you’re in a kid-friendly John Woo movie in space with a Daft Punk-like soundtrack making you groove to every exploding robot. You might be playing this one after your kids go to bed.

Review: The reviews have been positive. The game is being compared to an HD version of Galaga by PC Gamer, and to making you feel like Han Solo by Polygon. So for most of you, this will be a must-own.

  • Platform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
  • Where To Buy: Oculus
  • Ages: 10+

Eagle Flight

In a post-apocalyptic world, man is gone and animals have taken over the planet. In the game, you play as an eagle in a city synonymous with the animal … Paris. You can finally experience what it’s like to fly as a bird without having to strap a GoPro to your kids’ parrots or buy that expensive drone.

Common Sense’s Take: Their review praises its immersion saying you really feel like a bird. “The immersive nature of virtual reality makes it feel like you truly are flying around the city’s overgrown streets, darting through broken windows and between the legs of giraffes.” But the novelty wears out quick. So maybe this one is for your pre-teen who keeps asking for a flight suit every Christmas.

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