Best Halloween Songs That Will Help Kids Learn and Play

These songs will have your kids bouncing off the walls!

by Alicia Kort
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Get your young kids even more excited for Halloween than they already are with these five songs. Music is well-known to activate areas of the brain and help both children and adults focus in on specific tasks. Singing and dancing along to music with simple lyrics also helps kids learn about language, balance, listening beat and rhythm. Music basically helps with just about everything. It’s also a whole lot of fun for both you and your kids. There are, of course, the classic songs like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” which you have probably heard way too many times already. This list though gives you some new Halloween-themed options. You can sing about pumpkin patches, monsters, skeletons and just about how much you love All Hallows Eve. you could use these five songs as a way for your children get excited right before they go trick-or-treating or put the songs on a rockin’ Halloween party playlist.

1. “Five Little Pumpkins” by Wee Sing

This simple tune will be sure to get stuck in your head, but it’s a great tool. Your child can practice counting to music, which will help them learn more quickly. The song isn’t too long, so you might be asked to “Play it again!”

2. “Who Loves Halloween?” by Ryan SanAngelo

With an easy beat and rhythm, your children will enjoy jumping up and down to this song about trick-or-treating and getting candy. This is also an opportunity for you to show off some of your dance moves.

3. “Dem Bones” by Sing n Play

You’re definitely familiar with this song. You might have even danced around to it when you were a kid. It’s not only a great tune about skeletons, but it also teaches your kids the names of the bones in our bodies and how they’re connected.

4. “Punkin’ Patch” by Andy Z

If you’re looking to get your kids into rock at a young age, this song is great for it. The lyrics are simple. It’s just about going down to a “punkin’” patch, but the song is catchy and easy for kids to dance along to.

5. “Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers

No Halloween list of songs is complete without the “Monster Mash.” You have to introduce your kids to the Halloween song. They might be a little too young to learn the dance, but they’ll enjoy Pickett’s put-on spooky voice. It’ll put everyone in your house in the mood to put on their costumes and go trick-or-treating.

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