The 10 Funniest Dad Tweets From This Week

The wonderful and weird musings from dads on Twitter this week.

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One of the best parts of being a dad is the sheer absurdity of it all. The strange sentences you find yourself speaking to your kids on a daily basis; the odd interactions you have with people you’d otherwise never hang out with; and, of course, the wild things your kids do and say every other second. And there’s nothing better than hearing from other people who can empathize with or articulate some truth from that world. Thanks to Twitter, there’s an influx of funny dads who are sharing the funny, silly, frustrating, and truthful things that happen in their lives. It’s a blast. Here are ten of the funniest dad tweets from the past week.

A Whining Example

Batmom to the Rescue

Welcome to the Dadisson Hotel

The Healing Power of Pizza

Level Up

Anti-Aging Supplements

Pure Imagination

Man’s Best Friend

What’s Better Than a High-Five?

Cleaning Up

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