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4 Awesome Internet Things to Show Your Kid Today

Every day the internet gifts us a weird, wonderful mix of videos, GIFs, and memes, the best of which offer funny, informative, horizon-expanding stuff to share with your kids. Problem is, it takes a while to wade through all the other nonsense to find them. And who has time for that? Not you. Here, then, is a daily batch of cool new internet stuff to share with your kids — and keep you in the viral-loop. Today’s finds include an epic time-lapse video of the Milky Way, spinner tricks for beginners, and why you’ve never used a Band-Aid correctly.

The Correct Way to Use a Band-Aid

It doesn’t really seem possible to use a Band-Aid incorrectly, does it? After all, you just take off the strips, put it on, and try not to think about it until your owie is gone. But this .gif shows an absurdly simple hack that will allow your finger to remain flexible even when dealing with an injured knuckle. How did nobody realize this until now?

A Front Row Seat to The Milky Way

A pilot flying from Europe to South America had the brilliant idea to create a time-lapse video of his international, overnight flight. The resulting two-and-a-half-minute video is simply stunning, providing a front row seat to the pulsing splendor of the night sky as it’s draped over the world like a magician’s cloak. Looking at the stars never gets old, but this particular glimpse provides a perspective that makes them seem entirely new.

Spinner Tricks for Beginners

If your kid’s going to use a fidget spinner, you might as well inspire them to learn some creative tricks.  This video helps your get ahead of the curve by teaching five simple spinner tricks anyone can master with a bit of practice, including the hand twist, around the back, and legendary spinner swap.

The Best Way to Open a Coconut

How to Husk a Coconut

Here, Chief Kap Te’o-Tafiti of Samoa demonstrates how to husk and crack open a coconut. He starts with a stick, but that’s too easy for him so he decides to use his chompers to rid the fibers. Then, he joyously shows the correct way to crack the coconut open with a machete. The chief’s sheer joy is so contagious it almost makes you forget how strong his teeth must be. Almost.