How the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Deleted Scenes Make Things Less Confusing

These special features are actually really helpful.

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After what seems like a pretty short wait, Avengers: Infinity War is suddenly already out on home video. And even though the movie was already the longest and more difficult entry in the Marvel franchise, there are still some lingering questions you might have had about the basic plot. Luckily, in terms of getting characters from point A to point B, the deleted scenes on the Infinity War Blu-ray are endlessly helpful. Here are three plot points that the new deleted scenes make much clearer.

That Whole Gamora Thing With the Soul Stone Is Explained

In the theatrical cut of the movie, you might have been confused about why Gamora knew where the soul stone was, and why she got her adopted sister Nebula to lie about it. In one deleted scene, called “A Father’s Choice,” Thanos and Gamora take a trip down memory lane where Thanos explains specifically why he selected her to find the Soul Stone. This helps to clarify the fact that in neither of the previous films featuring Gamora and Nebula (both Guardians of the Galaxy movies) neither of them mentioned the Soul Stone even once. In the deleted scene, some of this backstory is hastily explained, but more pointedly, the scene really drives home the idea that Thanos felt like Gamora betrayed her family, which is how he rationalizes sacrificing her to get what he wants. To make these moments even more chilling, the special effects aren’t totally complete, meaning Thanos’s mouth doesn’t move when he’s talking. Scary!

How the Guardians Find Titan Also Makes Way More Sense

When Tony Stark, Peter Parker and Doctor Strange find roughly half of the Guardians of the Galaxy on the planet Titan, the earthbound superheroes are a little confused. How did these guys get on this planet? But, the audience is a little confused, too. Earlier in the movie, after Gamora gets kidnapped by Thanos, we actually don’t know what Star-Lord, Mantis, and Drax are doing until they suddenly join forces with Iron Man and company. But, the deleted scene “The Guardians Get Their Groove Back” explains that Nebula sent the Guardians special coded transmissions to tell them exactly where to go and that Gamora — at least at that point — was still alive.

Iron Man’s Bodyguard Is Dealing With the Paparazzi

Okay, so maybe no one was really wondering how Iron Man is able to jog through a New York City park without being photographed by the press. After all, we all buy the fact that these superheroes exist in the first place, why would we be concerned with hyper-realistic details like Tony Stark’s privacy. Well, because those things help to create the realism! And, it turns out the deleted scenes have revealed what Stark’s bodyguard — Happy Hogan (played by Iron Man director Jon Favreau) — was doing during Infinity War. Basically, he’s making sure no one takes unauthorized photos of Tony and Pepper. Look, just because the rest of the superheroes are helping to protect hyper-powerful stones from space, doesn’t mean Happy’s job isn’t important, too. Plus, if you consider Happy part of the Avengers (and you should) this deleted scene helps explain where he was during the movie. Now, if only we can figure out where Hawkeye was during all of this? After all, we now know where Ant-Man was!

Avengers: Infinity War is out on Blu-ray today. It is also available for digital download.

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