The legendary action star is finally entering the world of superheroes.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Stars in 'Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten'

by Blake Harper
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If there’s one thing we know about Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s that he’ll be back. And the bodybuilder turned action star turned governor is set to return to our lives with Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten, a new animated series about six superhero kids who are learning to master their powers while also learning the alphabet and how to share with others.

The heroes in training are helped along the way by Arnold Armstrong (voiced by Schwarzenegger), their teacher who was once a superhero known as Captain Fantastic. His crime-fighting days may be over Armstrong makes it his personal mission to help teach these six super students to use their powers safely without destroying the school or accidentally revealing their true identities to the world.

Along with providing the voice for Armstrong, Schwarzenegger is an Executive Producer for Superhero Kindergarten, which was one of Lee’s last projects while he was alive. Schwarzenegger said that the show is important to him both in terms of honoring Lee’s legacy, as well as teaching kids important lessons about life.

“This is a deeply personal project for me and I am so pumped to introduce it to the world,” Schwarzenegger said. “Not only has it allowed me to bring to life the work of the fantastic Stan Lee, but the series also touches on subjects I’ve spent my life working on, from health and fitness tips and anti-bullying messages to inclusivity and diversity… It’s an honor to have worked with Stan Lee and I know he would be proud of the message we’re delivering.”

The first two half-hour episodes of Superhero Kindergarten are set to debut on Friday, April 23 exclusively on Kartoon Channel!, a free streaming platform specifically for kids’ entertainment. A new episode will then drop every Friday for the remainder of the 26-episode season.

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