Should you stick around after the credits or can you make a beeline for the exit as soon as the movie is over? (No spoilers!)


'Aladdin' Post Credits Scene: Does the Disney Remake Set-up a Sequel?

by Blake Harper
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Aladdin, starring Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, and Will Smith, comes to theaters this week, hoping to successfully transition the classic Disney animated film into the world of live-action. And once you have enjoyed 128 minutes of Smith doing his best to make you forget one of the most iconic performances of all time, you will likely find yourself faced with one question: Is there a scene after the credits? After all, sitting around watching the credits roll can be a bore but it might be worth the wait if the movie ends up giving fans an Easter egg or hints at what the sequel might be about. So does Aladdin have a post-credits scene you should stick around for?

Without giving away any plot details or spoiling anything about the movie, we will say that Aladdin does not follow the recent blockbuster trend and, in a refreshing change of pace, does not feature a scene in the middle or the end of the credits. There is a brief reprise of Genie’s ‘Friend Like Me’ to open the credits but after that, it’s over. So while others stick around the theater to watch the credits and see if there will be a hint for Aladdin II: Return of Jafar, you’re going to be able to immediately make a beeline for the exit.

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