Who the Hell is Agatha Harkness? Let’s Talk About that Big ‘WandaVision’ Agnes Twist

Even if you saw this coming, you didn't see this coming.


The Marvel comics universe just got spooky. In episode 7, “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” WandaVision revealed that everything we’ve been seeing isn’t exactly what we thought. Wanda may be an amazing purveyor of a certain kind of magic, but now there’s a deeper magic in town, from before the dawn of the MCU. Spoilers coming at you faster than Wanda can move the barriers of Westview.

In the final moments of WandaVision, we learn that the nosy neighbor Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) isn’t really Anges at all. Her name is Agatha Harkness and she’s been connected to the larger Marvel Comics Universe since 1970. And yes, just so we’re clear, Agatha Harkness is a straight-up witch, meaning, yes, she has magical powers.

Who is Agatha Harkness in Marvel?

First introduced in the Fantastic Four comic books, Agatha Harkness is a legit witch, who was around for the Salem With Trials. In some Marvel stories, she is Scarlet Witch’s mentor. Other times, her enemy. In all cases, she’s not someone you can defeat easily, at all.

What is Agatha doing to Wanda?

Well, at this point we simply don’t know. Up until now, we all assumed that Wanda was creating the “reality” of Westview on her own. But now, we’ve learned it was Anges all along! For the story of WandaVision, it could mean that Wanda is more of a victim than a villain, particularly because we learned that SWORD was trying to bring Vision back to life, which implies Wanda rescued him, rather than stole his dead body.

But is Agatha on Wanda’s side or on SWORD’s side? Neither? Because Agatha is connected to the lore of The Fantastic Four, some fans think that her appearance in WandaVision is the first sign some members from that superhero group are on their way. On a similar note, Captain Rambeau mentioned an astrophysicist a few episodes back, which some people think means Reed Richards, AKA Mr. Fantastic.

So, what is Agatha doing? Well, in the context of WandaVision she’s messing with Wanda. But, in the context of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, she’s actually just shattered the barriers of what Marvel can do. If Agatha Harkness is in the show now (along with the X-Men version of Pietro) this playground just got a whole lot bigger.

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