5 Killer ’90s Shows Streaming on Amazon Prime Right Now

Late night comfort food right here.

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If you’re looking for something to watch on Amazon Prime, all the new shows can be a lot to deal with. It’s late at night, the wife and kids are asleep, and you just want to tune out and put on a show that’s going to make you feel good. It’s not time to start binging a brand new TV series that will confuse you and remind you of the contemporary real world, but instead, it’s time to watch something that will let you escape.

Remember the ’90s? The ’90s had shows like that. The budgets weren’t great, and the haircuts were troubling, but there’s a charm to old ’90s action shows that the new stuff can’t touch.

Here are five ’90s TV series, streaming on Amazon Prime right now that will instantly make you feel awesome, and take you back to a simpler time.


If you were born in the ’70s or ’80s you might insist that the epic story about a bunch of dudes who cut each other’s heads off to gain magical powers is the subject of a 1986 film. But, for those who came of age in the ’90s, we know this was an awesome TV show starring Adrian Paul as Duncan Mcleod. Dude had a ponytail for many, many seasons, which was just sort of what happened to a lot of action guys in the ’90s. Was this Steven Seagal’s fault? Unclear. But, Highlander is still deliciously great because the premise is so reliable. At some point, Duncan is going to have to fight some dude and cut his head off, and, we’re all encouraged to feel good about it.

You can stream season one of Highlander on Amazon Prime right here.

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

Whether it’s Solo: A Star Wars Story, or Young Indiana Jones, playing Harrison Ford when you’re not Harrison Ford is really hard. But, in the nineties, George Lucas made two different guys — Sean Patrick Flanery and Corey Carrier — play Indy before he was the badass guy who carried the whip. Part of this show’s charm is that it doesn’t try all that hard to be cool, which is why it’s more watchable than you remember. Plus, the episode where Harrison Ford shows up with a saxophone has to be seen to be believed.

You can stream all of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles on Amazon Prime right here.

Babylon 5

A lot of people like to say that big, complicated TV started with Lost or maybe The Sopranos. But, really, it all started here, with Babylon 5. During a time when most sci-fi shows had a bunch of one-off episodes, Babylon 5 did a complicated multi-part story that didn’t really care if you had watched the previous episode. The special effects are kind of cheesy, and some of the haircuts are a lot to handle, but, that’s also part of the charm. Seriously, you can’t imagine a show trying to force these haircuts down anyone’s throats today, which, is another reason why Babylon 5 and the nineties were great. Notably, Babylon 5 has been kind of hard to watch for the past several years, so the fact it’s on Amazon Prime is a huge deal for a lot of sci-fi diehards.

You can stream all five seasons of Babylon 5 on Amazon Prime right here.


Everyone who pretended to know about awesome comic books in the nineties all knew that the correct answer to the question “who is your favorite superhero” was to just say “Spawn,” even if it wasn’t really true. Created by Todd Macfarlane, Spawn was the kind of anti-hero that everyone loved, even if you didn’t dress in all black and listen to metal. And, in terms of adaptation outside of comic books, the 1997 animated series is the most faithful. This is the mainline Spawn action, made for the diehard fans at the time.

You can stream all of Spawn on Amazon Prime right here.


Okay, so MacGyver actually debuted in 1985 and run until 1992, but those of us who were tweens and teens in the nineties remember the show being in heavy syndicated reruns, making it, effectively, a nineties show. Yes, this is the show where the lead character just gets his way out of jams by turning household objects into weapons or lock-picking devices. Is it still awesome? That’s not the point, the point is you’re going to feel awesome watching it.

You can stream all of MacGyver on Amazon Prime right here.

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