This Kid Skipped School For Weeks Using Zoom Hack And It’s Hilarious

She pulled off an elaborate scheme to trick 8 adults for 3 weeks straight.

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Want to feel like the youth is so much smarter than you? Look no further than the story of a young girl who figured out a way to get out of having to attend virtual school through Zoom by exploiting a safety feature hack and leaving none the wiser — not her mom, teachers, or school administration — for literally weeks.

The story, reported by her uncle, of the elaborate Zoom heist that got her out of school for almost a week to Twitter was first one the little kid referred to as a “technical glitch.” But what it really was that the genius 8-year-old pulled off avoiding her online school for weeks before she was caught by exploiting a few small things on Zoom that stumped basically everyone in her life. It’s hilarious, mischievous, and she got away with it for a while.

Mike Piccolo, the girl’s uncle, is the chief technology officer of the web development company FullStack Labs. He shared a Twitter thread outlining the details of how his young niece was able to get out of attending virtual school. She used a safety feature on Zoom to her advantage, disguised as a software error, and got out of attending school meetings for weeks.

Seriously, genius.

Yep, genius level grift here.

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