The feline felon received 'MVP' chants for its elusive tactics.


Cat Trespasses Yankee Field, Hilariously Evades Security

by Blake Harper

The Yankees may have found their best new baserunner since Rickey Henderson, as an adorable cat invaded the field during New York’s game against the Orioles on Monday night and was able to elude security with ease.

The cat took the field at the bottom of the eighth inning as Aaron Judge was up to bat. Once the feline felon was spotted, the game was put on hold so the grounds crew could escort it off the field. The announcers described the cat as “faster than anyone on the Yankees” as it dashed into the outfield and headed towards the bullpen. The sneaky feline hopped onto the left-field fence but was unable to get into the adoring crowd.

The grounds crew was finally able to reach the cat but they proved no match for its smooth moves, as it managed to escape all four of them with ease. It then returned to the bullpen but was once again denied entry so it continued to avoid the grounds crew and scurry around the field.

The cat’s incredible speed and ability to dodge everyone managed to win over the crowd, as it received “MVP” chants. And considering the Yankees’ disappointing season (they’re currently six games out of first place in the AL East), there’s a real case it really should be considered the team’s Most Valuable Player. The cat even managed to win over Baltimore’s players as well.

“We saw [the cat] in the dugout earlier in the game, just chilling there, so we let him be. Next thing I know, I heard all the fans cheering. I didn’t know what was going on,” said Orioles outfielder Cedric Mullins. “I didn’t see the cat until he was out at the outfield wall. Then it was seeing seven grown men get their ankles broken by a cat. It was pretty funny to watch.”

After nearly four minutes, the grounds crew was finally able to get the cat off the field and the game continued. Though the Yankees may have wished it hadn’t, as they ended up losing the game 7-1.