World Series MVP George Springer Won’t Hide His Stutter

He hopes to inspire kids with stutters to not be ashamed of who they are.

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World Series MVP George Springer has inspired countless fans and supporters during his time in the majors, but the superstar centerfielder for the Houston Astros is a particularly heroic figure for kids who stutter.

Springer has had the vocal affectation since he was a kid. When he was growing up, he always tried to hide it from people by speaking as little as possible in class or having family members order his food for him. Even when he got to college, Springer would purposefully choose classes that didn’t require presentations.

However, a few years ago, Springer realized that instead of keeping this part of himself hidden from the public, he should be using his platform to help kids who stutter not feel ashamed or embarrassed of who they are. He began to speak openly and confidently, not letting his stutter keep him from doing postgame interviews or making a celebratory appearance on Saturday Night Live. He also started working with the Stuttering Association for the Young with the hope of letting kids know that a stutter shouldn’t keep them from doubting themselves or chasing after their dreams. After all, it didn’t stop Springer from becoming one of the best players in baseball.

It’s great to see Springer overcome his childhood struggles in order to show kids who stutter that they should be proud of who they are. Hopefully, his choice to not hide his stutter will help kids all across the world grow up without any fear of judgment or ridicule from others.

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