This Genius Parenting Hack Makes You Workout Every Damn Day

Got kids? Check out this hack.


Even the most motivated of us can struggle with convincing ourselves to workout. We know we want to, and the benefits are many. But we’re tired. And motivation can be hard to find after a long day or a very early morning. But one mom has discovered a genius parenting hack that will likely give the right amount of motivation (or at least the ability to do it at all) that we need to work out every day without fail. Here’s what you need to know.

A mom who goes by Emdash80 on TikTok shared her parenting hack that encourages her to get her workout in, keeps her motivated, and keeps the kids happy and engaged enough to let her finish her full training. It sounds too good to be true and like there would be some kind of catch. But it’s simple and really, really smart.

“Hey, pro-tip to all those parents who work out at home,” she begins her video. “Train your kids that they only get screen time when you’re working out, and the first question out of their mouth will be ‘when are you riding today, mom?’ It’s kind of like living with two little personal trainers, and I’ve got a hell of a workout streak going.”

The video resonated with parents, quickly going viral with more than 250,000 views and hundreds of comments about how smart this tip is.

“You are the smartest woman alive,” one person replied.

“This is genius,” another shared. “Now, I need a child.”

“Dude. This is GENIUS,” another said.

Other people chimed in with funny quips about the tip.

“I do this, but with sleeping in,” one wrote.

“The last thing I need is my kids nagging me to do something else,” another parent joked.

And other parents shared similar stories of how their kids keep them motivated to work out.

“When my kids were little, they’d taunt me from the jogging stroller,” someone shared. “‘Mom! I thought you said RUNNING! Faster!'”

“I just tell my kids I’m a mean mommy when I don’t work out,” another added. “When they interrupt, I ask if they want nice mom or mean mom.”

Definitely trying this one!