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Everything You Need To Know This Week If You’re A Parent

Flickr / Rainforest Action Network

This week in parenting, you found out what college majors will make your kid more likely to buy you a house in your old age. As for your work, The Centers Of Disease Control thinks your employer could be adding more to your dadbod than a paycheck. You found out that the smell of feet might be the smell of learning, and that your kid might develop ADHD after they’re not technically a kid anymore. You were given a lot of hope that sex could get better with age (especially if you’re Canadian), along with good reason to be less rigid about dinner times. And if that doesn’t make mealtimes run smoother, you’ll have handy this cheese ball gun to fall back on.

These Are The College Majors With The Highest Average Mid-Career Salaries
If you didn’t already want your baby’s first word to be STEM, this list of the highest paying college majors might push you in that direction. They can learn the word dad once they’re set up to make 6 figures. Read more… 

Your Kid Might Not Develop ADHD Until After They Leave For College
ADHD might seem like a young person’s game, but new research suggests that more adults are being diagnosed with late-onset ADHD. That might not be the most reassuring news for you kid, but at least you have a great excuse the next time your wife accuses you of not paying attention. Read more…

How To Tell If Your Place Of Work Is Making You Fat

The Centers For Disease Control Suspects Your Employer Is Making You Fat
Depending on how your office is designed, there may be an unfortunately fine line between putting in hours and packing on the pounds. If you think that’s what your problem is, you might want to consult with the CDC. Or, just get fat. Read more… 

What Your Kid’s Shoes Have To Do With How Much They’re Learning At School
You already knew that your kid hates shoes as much as you hate getting shoes on them. What you didn’t know is that they might hate them for a good, educational reason (even if they don’t realize it either). Read more…

What Does Middle Class Even Mean Anymore? This Calculator Will Tell You
With the cost of living varying vastly throughout the country, it’s hard to know if you make up the middle class or not. That’s why The PEW Research Center created this calculator that’s pretty cool, despite the fact that it may not tell you what you want to hear. Read more…

Why Your Sex Life Will Improve As You Get Older
Since children are the worst wingmen ever, it’s hard to believe that your sex life will get better with age, but a new study should give you some hope. Sex after 40 is apparently pretty plentiful and adventurous, probably because there are less kids walking in on you.  Read more… 

Eating Dinner Late Won't Make Your Children Overweight

Why You Can Stop Sweating What Time Your Kid Eats Dinner
Dinner time is a delicate art that can make any tired and hangry kid make any kid seem like a ticking time bomb. The good news is that you have more time to dismantle it than you previously thought, and eating dinner after 8 isn’t that big of a deal.  Read more…

Here’s What All The Other Parents Named Their Babies In The Past Year
Despite how personal the process of naming your kid is, a lot of parents end up landing on the same thing. The Social Security Administration’s list of the most popular baby names by state will give you a lay of the land, and let you know how unoriginal you are. Read more…

6 Words Men Are More Likely Than Women To Use On Facebook
There are a lot of reason to join Facebook (like so your wife will stop asking you to). Whether you’re on it or not, researchers have figured out how men and women are different by analyzing 10 million posts. Spoiler alter: you’re still on different planets. Read more…