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Everything You Need To Know This Week About Being A Parent

Flickr / Jorge Quinteros

This week in parenting you learned about a new adult coloring book coming out that may be hard to hate (you can try though). Technology shamed people in South Korea into giving pregnant women seats on the subway, and even taught a toddler a valuable lesson about the robot uprising (and mall cops). If that wasn’t weird enough, a massive global height study of the past century shows that the U.S. isn’t getting any taller — unlike your kid. All this and more, because you were too busy raising a tiny human.

It’s Okay To Bribe Your Kid If It Gets Them To Eat Their Vegetables
Bribery isn’t always the best tactic, unless you’re mob boss or a parent — then it’s just a way to get things done. According to a study of 8,000 kids, getting your kid to eat their vegetables is a matter of getting them to name their price. It might be less than the vegetables you keep throwing away. Read more…

These LEGO Inspired Braille Bricks Can Change The Way Blind Kids Read And Play
The braille language involves dots, LEGOs have dots, so it’s understandable that someone finally thought to combine the 2. What’s more surprising is that it was a nonprofit who did it to help kids, instead of to make to make money. It’s almost as if they’re blind to profits or something. Read more…

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This Survey About Couples Fighting On Vacation Might Help You Prepare To Do Just That
After surveying 2,000 adults, the British rental car company Holiday Autos found that 1 in 10 couples break up after going on vacation together, but don’t let that ruin your summer. They have introduced a couples counseling hotline to help, and it doesn’t even have to be a part of your service agreement. Read more…

This New Clothing Subscription Service Will End The Battle Over What Your Kid Wears To School
Clothing your kid is never as easy and if you’re on the verge of giving up you have an exciting new option: Send them to space! Well, sort of. Rockets of Awesome is a new shopping subscription service for kids that will save you time, money, and embarrassment. Read more…

This South Korean Tech Shames People Who Leave Pregnant Women Standing On Subways
If you’re not sure if a woman is pregnant on pubic transportation, you only have one option if you don’t want to be a dick: get up without asking. Unless you’re in South Korea. Then you can wait for a pink light to shame you into it. Read more…

Here’s The Unfortunate Thing Kids And Pigeons Have In Common
You might know them as rats with wings, but a recent study shows that pigeons are a lot more like your kid than you think. And it’s much more unfortunate than them pooping on you. Read more…

Genetic Testing Could Help You Predict How Well Your Kid Will Do In School
Your inner Ethan Hawke might not be ready to go all Gattaca in your kid’s classroom, but don’t worry. Scientists are just starting to explore the prospects of polygenic scores to predict future academic problems, and it’s not as spooky as it sounds. Read more..

Why Your ‘Unlimited’ Data Plan Might Soon Reach Its Limit
Unlimited data plans are great for parents and apparently terrible for profits. That’s why Verizon is cutting off excessive data users at the end of August. Good luck explaining to junior why he can’t stream Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on the go anymore. Read more…

The Mall Robocop Who Ran Over A Toddler Might Not Be So Bad After All
Early this month a renta-robocop lost it’s job after running over a toddler (read that again). This week the robot’s manufacturers issued a statement about their investigation into the incident, and it was kind of the toddler’s fault. It always is. Read more…

If You Want To Raise Tall Kids, You’re Doing It In The Wrong Country
A global height study of 200 countries over the past 100 years reveals that your parents aren’t the only ones who are shrinking. Most of the U.S. has been over the past 30 to 40 years, so if reaching the top shelf is that important to you, hopefully you like Latvia. Read more…

If You Don’t Let Your Kid Play Video Games, Don’t Even Think About Letting Them Drive
Depending on who you listen to, video games might be considered the devil. But if you listen the the researchers in this study, that devil is pretty cool and could teach your kid to drive one day. So you can keep the Xbox for now. Read more…

Adult Coloring Book Fans: The Author Of ‘Fight Club’ Has Something For You
Whether you’re a believer in adult coloring books or not, it’s hard to wrap your brain around Chuck Palahniuk liking them enough to write one. But hey, Tyler Durden’s dad has to unwind somehow. Read more…

You Should Watch This Video Diary An NFL Star With ALS Made For His Young Son
Retired NFL player Steve Gleason is a an ASL advocate who struggles with the deadly disease daily. The documentary Gleason, which opens this weekend, gives a moving account of how he uses home videos to show his son what he was like before the disease. Bring tissues for the missus (and perhaps you too).  Read more…

The NFL’s Concussion-Reducing Youth Program Probably Isn’t Reducing Concussions
When the NFL claimed to reduce concussions and injuries among youth football players, The New York Times along with (many parents) called bullshit. Unsurprisingly their finding were based on flawed data, the NFL’s favorite. Bring on the math team. Read more…