Watch the Most Intense Baby Gate Escape Video Ever Filmed

When a toddler wants out of bedtime, it's not a joke.

by Raz Robinson

When father Wesley Quilty, noticed that his two-year-old was starting to regularly climb over her baby gate, he and his wife came up with a pretty simple solution: Stack two gates, creating a roughly five-foot barrier. They were, for a while, convinced that this would work. Then they were flabbergasted by their kid’s next breakout. Looking into it, Quilty caught footage of what might be the most impressive jail break ever performed by a two year old. The footage went viral — and for good reason.

Toddlers are a special breed. They’re strong enough to take on challenges, but their brains aren’t developed enough for it to be particularly easy to predict what those challenges might be. Also, they naturally love to climb so there is a degree to which a baby gate represents an obstacle and a degree to which a baby gate represents an opportunity. For the youngest Quilty, it’s clearly more the latter than the form.

Climbing is something toddlers usually do purely for the sake of exploration and that’s probably the case here to some degree, but this also feels a bit like an act of defiance. She’s basically Cool Hand Luke without all the eggs.