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The Best Toddler Climbing Toys And Tumbling Mats

Not only does climbing help kids build strength and motor skills, but it's fun.

Whether your kid is reaching, rolling, and cruising, or pulling themselves up and jumping to different levels, climbing is a natural behavior that has been proven to promote, among other things, strength, confidence, neuromuscular development, motor skills, and creativity. So you can’t really get mad at them when you find them chasing the cat to the top of the bookshelf or using the sofa to practice for the all-around competition at the 2032 Olympics.

What you can and should do is provide an appropriate venue. These toddler climbing toys and tumbling mats offer indoor and outdoor options to nurture your kid’s motor development and sense of exploration — and they’re a reason for you to finally take that plastic wrap off the furniture.

Design Skin Kids Transformable House Play Mat

design skin kids transformable house playmat -- toddler climbing toys and tumble mats

It’s a tumbling mat! It’s a playhouse! It’s a tent! It’s a rocketship cockpit! It’s as if you gave your kid a thing and they only wanted to play with the box the thing came in, only the box is the thing. Woah.

Buy Now $294

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IKEA BUSA Play Tunnel

ikea busa play tunnel -- toddler climbing toys and tumble mats

Like all good IKEA stuff, this packs flat for easy storage then unfurls into a nearly five-foot-long tunnel that helps your kid learn to sort sensory impressions and develop their motor skills. Set up some slalom cones on the other side and notify the American Kennel Club because there’s about to be a new agility dog champion in town!

Buy Now $30

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Bobles Elephant

bobles Elephant -- toddler climbing toys and tumble mats

Bobles says their foam animals can be used as furniture but are meant for climbing, tumbling, and play — a mixed message that could spell doom for your handsome new sectional. However, it’ll help your kid build motor skills through physical play, has no phthalates, won’t scuff the floor, is ideal for indoor activities, and doesn’t make noise.

Buy Now $368

Wooden Indoor Climbing Dome

wooden indoor climbing dome -- toddler climbing toys and tumble mats

Want to let your kid burn off some energy on a jungle gym but recently learned that “outside” is no longer considered a safe playing surface for children? Boom. Indoor climbing dome. Even if you have no problem letting the kid loose on the playground, it’s always good to have a backup for a literal rainy day.

Buy Now $190

Whitney Brothers Slide

whitney brothers slide -- toddler climbing toys and tumble mats

You’ve already started building your indoor playground, why not go all in? The good thing is, this is the last piece you’ll have to buy as it has everything else your kid could want on a playground: something to climb, something to crawl under, and something to slide down.

Buy Now $400

Step2 Play And Fold Jr. Slide

play and fold jr slide -- toddler climbing toys and tumble mats

Wait, wasn’t the last slide the last slide you’d have to buy? Yeah, the last stationary slide. This one folds up so your kid can slide anywhere (or you can put it away when they show a preference for the first slide). Actually, this could just be your outdoor slide. See? You totally need both.

Buy Now $47

Climbing Holds

Climbing Holds

Before you invest in all that climbing gear, stick these holds – sized for tiny hands – on a tree or a wall outside and let them go full Spider-Man. They come in a four-pack, and hardware for installation does not come with the purchase. But that just means you’ll have another project to work on with you kid.

Buy Now $29

Black Diamond Drop Zone Crash Pad

Black Diamond Drop Zone Crash Pad

A great addition to the climbing holds, this 48″ by 43″ crash pad by Black Diamond is made of multi-density foam and features a mesh pocket for extra materials and handles, making it easy to carry. Place it below the area to break your kid’s fall. When they’re not climbing, it can double as a comfy place to take naps.

Buy Now $250

EZ Play Indoor Playground

EZ Play Indoor Playground

Bring the jungle gym into your home. Complete with ladders, climbing rope and a slide, your toddler will be entertained for hours. The best part? It folds up, so it’s easy to transport and put back into storage.

Buy Now $500