This neighborhood must be seen to be believed.


Brooklyn Neighborhood's Bonkers Christmas Lights Display Goes Viral

by Lizzy Francis
Originally Published: 

Want to see some of the best Christmas lights in the country? Well, now you can, no matter where you are across the country.

Going to see Christmas lights sure seems like a lower-risk Christmas activity in terms of COVID-19 and the winter surge. After all, for most people, it requires sitting in your car with the windows up with members of your family, driving around neighborhoods, and seeing the dazzling lights.That seems to be about as safe as it can get for an outdoor activity — fairly hermetically sealed, after all. And, of course, Christmas lights are having a big year this year in general — with sales of the product up nationwide as people are desperate to gain some sense of holiday cheer while hundreds of thousands of Americans have died of COVID and the pandemic roars on, affecting every aspect of our lives. But even if going to see Christmas lights is mostly safe, that doesn’t mean that your neighborhood display is world-class. And in a year like this, we simply deserve the best. That’s why this 17-minute YouTube video tour of Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, which was reposted by Digg but has yet to go viral, is for you. Dyker Heights is a neighborhood that is famously known for going absolutely beyond with their Christmas decorations, and the video should be the next thing you stream on the television while you decorate the Christmas tree or wrap presents or have a glass of eggnog by the fire. Classic Christmas tunes underlay the video and will make you feel like you, yourself, are walking the neighborhood that bedecks trees in crystalline lights and bright colors and trees and icicle lights and massive Santas. It might not cure the holiday blues, but it is truly a sight to see.

But honestly, even if you are able to go see some Christmas lights, this is the type of thing — like a yule log video — that you should just throw up on the TV while hanging out with your family. The Christmas spirit is infectious in it.

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