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Viral Video Of Kid Zoom-Bombing Dad’s News Broadcast Is Too Funny

This sweet girl deserves a LEGO Frozen movie, honestly.

This past year has brought so many challenges. A portion of working parents has shifted their job to at-home due to the coronavirus. And on top of this, our kids have been home as well. As a result, more of us are having “BBC Dad” type moments where a kid interrupting becomes the viral moment. But there’s a difference between a kid interrupting a Zoom meeting and a kid interrupting a live weather broadcast. A resurfaced viral video of one dad navigating just that has gone viral — for all the right reasons.

Dad and meteorologist Demetrius Ivory has been juggling his on-air weather broadcasts while his twin girls are home. He’s been interrupted live on air a few times, and a resurfaced video of one of those moments is too funny.

In the tirelessly funny clip that appears to be from colder days, Ivory, who works for WGN-TV, a local Chicago news station, handled it so well. In the clip, Demetrius, who has been working from home since the pandemic started, is on-air giving a weather update from his home office.

Demetris also has twin girls at home, Harlow Winter and Hadley Walker, who he shares with fellow WGN-TV reporter Erin Ivory. And one of his girls pops into the screen while he’s delivering the weather forecast. She seems completely unaware or just doesn’t care that her dad is working and she’s now on TV.

He does his best to ignore her when she walks into the shot. But his daughter chanting “dad, dad, dad” over and over to get his attention is hard to pretend it’s not happening. Demetrius turns to his daughter and says, “Look, you’re on TV,” hoping she will let him finish.


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The young girl looks at the camera, then back at her dad, and says she wants to “watch LEGO Frozen.” She knows what she wants when she wants it, and nothing will get in her way. The clip is adorable, and it’s been endearing to see how parents navigate working from home with their children around.

This isn’t the first or only time Demetris’ girls have made their way into his broadcasts. In April 2020, Erin posted a photo to social media showing that the girls interrupted their dad while on air. “When the kids sabotage your live shot…for the 3rd time this week,” she wrote in the caption.

Demetrius’s fans don’t seem to bat an eye at these interruptions. Several people left comments on the resurfaced video that weather anchors should always work from home. It allows us to see more of their personality, and it helps that Demetrius’ girls are adorable.