Luke Skywalker Praises Dad’s Hilarious Jedi Baby Skills

The Force is strong with this one.

split screen photo of Mark Hammill, and dad pretending to be a jedi to baby

The relationship between fathers and their children is often complicated in the Star Wars universe but one dad from our world managed to borrow some Jedi Mind Tricks to bond with his son by convincing the toddler he knows how to use the Force. And lucky for all of us, this adorable interaction was caught on video and shared on the internet for our enjoyment.

The video shows the dad pretending to use the Force to bring his son’s high chair closer to him before then pushing it away again. Of course, from our angle, we can see that the dad is using his legs to push and pull the high chair back and forth but his kid can’t. And his son is absolutely loving it, as he’s got a massive smile on his face, probably because he believes this means he’ll get to be a Jedi someday, like his father before him.

“Someday in the not too distant future my son will realize I don’t actually have Jedi powers; until then, I’m milking it for all it’s worth!” r/mojoreisman wrote as the caption for the video on Reddit.

The video was obviously a hit online, as it was upvoted over 101,000 times in three days and it even received official approval from Luke Skywalker himself, as Mark Hamill retweeted the video while praising the dad for his Jedi Master-level parenting skills.

“THIS IS THE WAY to raise a child. Love the dad pretending to have Jedi powers & his child’s unbridled joy! (have to confess I still occasionally wave my arm at the supermarket automatic doors to “open” them, to reassure myself I have The Force in real life),” Hamill wrote on Twitter.

So, next time you find yourself facing a parenting dilemma, just ask yourself, “What would a Jedi do?” You may just find the answer you were looking for.