The New Viral Video Challenge Tests Your Baby’s Patience

Inside the viral challenge that's breaking the internet (and our sappy hearts.)

Over the past few weeks, a new viral video trend has hit Twitter called the “Fruit Snack Challenge.” The hit, which first went viral about five days ago when a mom hit record, poured a package of fruit snacks into a bowl for her toddler and then walked away and told her not to have any of the fruit snacks until she got back. The video, which clocks in at over a minute, is absolutely adorable — not just because the toddler is super cute, but also because her tested patience is successful. The mom walks away and, alone, the little girl talks to herself about how she can’t touch the fruit snacks, gives side-eyes towards the snacks, smells them, and asks herself, “Dada and mama, gone?” and “I must don’t touch.” Luckily, she prevails and gets to eat the fruit snacks. It is freaking adorable.

The challenge, which then started to spread all over social media from regular kids who failed and from famous children who succeeded at the challenge and all of the in-betweens, is super, super cute. Kylie Jenner broke the internet yesterday after she posted her own toddler who she has with Travis Scott, Stormi Webster, crushing the challenge with a bag of what appears to be m&ms.

Then there are the adorable fails, like this baby who just couldn’t wait for some sugar.

And then this one.

And not to mention this.