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ICYMI: Viral Video of Bear Crossing Street Is Every Parent

Bearenting 101 over here.

Every parent has endured the nightmare of trying to get their kid to go somewhere when they simply won’t cooperate. The more kids you add, the bigger the mess becomes. The problem might feel uniquely human — but it turns out that even bears struggle with this issue, as a hilarious video of a mama bear trying to get her cubs across the street has gone viral. It’s just too relatable to parents with young kids.

In the video, the Mama Bear starts by grabbing one of her four cubs and carrying them to the other side of the road in an attempt to cross the street safely. And things even seem to be working in her favor, as two of the other cubs begin to follow her, leaving only one remaining cub to get across the street.

But, of course, this is right when things start to go haywire, as one of the cubs follows their mom across the street, while the fourth cub is completely uninterested in crossing the street and fights Mama Bear every step of the way.

Eventually, all the cubs almost make it across the street when the fourth cub decides to turn around and head back to where it all began, forcing Mama Bear to run back into the street and retrieve them (she is obviously followed by another one of the cubs).

Fortunately, by the end of the clip, the Mama Bear is finally able to get all of her cubs across and they head into the forest to do whatever it is that bears do.

The entire video is hilarious, as you see a long line of cars waiting for the bears to cross the road while “Stuck in the Middle with You” plays to perfectly fit the mood. No wonder the video has managed to get over 14 million views in just a couple of days. And for parents, it should resonate in a special way.