Viral TikTok of Pitbull and Deer Becoming BFFs is Just Like a Disney Movie

Show your kids this adorable video.

A pitbull and a deer become best friends in a viral TikTok

A mega-viral TikTok video of a deer and a pitbull striking up an unlikely animal friendship is straight out of a Disney movie, and it is too cute to put into words.

The Tiktok, posted by user Brennalina just four days ago, shows a pit bull adorably having the zoomies around a deer that has apparently lived on her parent’s property for years.

Though their friendship started off tentatively — with the pit bull being way more into being friends than the deer — eventually the momma deer clearly began to feel warm feelings towards the adorable dog and they have since become best friends.

In the TikTok, brennalina says: “My parent’s dog met the female deer that had lived on the property for years.”

“At first we thought the deer was pissed and guarding her hidden babies,” the TikTok text says, as the pitbull runs circles around the deer.

“But now she comes up to the porch every night and waits for Zola to come outside and play.” Eventually, you do see the deer look like she is chasing Zola, and it’s too cute.

“They play for a while and walk around the yard together. And then Zola gets super sad when her friend leaves.” The video shows Zola running around sadly after the deer leaves, looking to see where she went.

The TikTok ends with them sniffing grass together and then Zola eventually leaving. The adorable video is as if Fox and Hound, the classic Disney movie, came to life, without all of the heart-rending tragedy that the original animated film comes with.

One person even commented “I’m crying at the thought of Zola protecting the deer forever. I made my own Disney movie in my head.”

She also included another video after a commenter asked for more adorable shots, of the two playing around in the yard and chasing each other set to Doja Cat and Saweetie’s “Best Friend,” which is just too good.

Show your kids this adorable video of two unlikely animal friends playing and make a Disney dream become reality.