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Viral Reddit Post Crowns Calvin’s Dad A DILF

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A Reddit thread recently went viral in the r/CuratedTumblr subreddit after a user shared an image of a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strip with the title “Calvin's dad is a DILF.” Funny, yes, but the whole thread might make you wonder: How come no one noticed this before?

Redditors seemed to agree. It didn’t take long for the community to inundate the thread with solid evidence that Calvin’s dad deserves the coveted DILF title.

One user, u/starstarstar42, posted a bullet point list of all the reasons why Calvin’s dad is hot, calling him a “dad extraordinaire.” The list includes the fact that he’s a patent attorney (solid income!), took his family camping and fishing (outdoorsy!), helped his child understand death and grief (emotionally honest!), is supportive of Calvin’s love for his stuffed animal, Hobbes (nice!), and came through with solid dad jokes too (funny!).

It’s hilarious to look back at the things we loved in our childhood because there’s almost always something that went right over our heads when we were little. Let’s be honest: Kids are way more interested in Calvin’s hijinks at school or on his wagon with his best friend, Hobbes. So while you may not have noticed the emotionally available, sardonic patent attorney dad when you were little, there may be something extra to consider the next time you read Calvin and Hobbes now that you’re a grown adult.

u/DoubleAgentBlumaroo guessed that the dad’s DILF energy came from his glasses, and SpecialistUpperHat agreed, “it's the dad energy,” they wrote. “Some people are really into that.”

u/bumblyburg thinks Calvin’s dad has a particular body part that gives him DILF status. “Man’s got nice calves, can't lie,” he wrote. (He doesn’t skip leg day!)

“Calvin's dad is loving, tolerant and funny,” gman2093 explains. “He's also resentful, uptight and stubborn. But in the end he's always there for his son, even when Calvin is the ultimate ungrateful, smart-Alec, delusional man-child.”

“Calvin's dad has got us all down bad,” CatnipCatmint insists, while WaitingForJalad shared, “Found a sentence I never thought I’d read.”

You can read the full thread on Reddit.

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