Viral Photo of a Man Rocking a Woman’s Baby Has a Secret, Tender Story


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You may have seen this viral photo making the rounds on Facebook: an older white man rocks a baby while a black woman fills out paperwork in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. But, the story behind the photo is even better than the photo itself.

Earlier this week, numerous outlets revealed that the person who snapped the photo — Natasha Crittenden Wilson — was a stranger to the two people in the photo. Here’s what happened.

“I was in the waiting room at the doc office today and this lady walked in with her sleeping baby…They handed her paperwork to do & as she was sitting there trying to figure out how to hold her sleeping baby while filling out the paperwork, this man, from across the room, asks her if she would like for him to hold her baby while she did her paperwork!! She smiled and said that would be wonderful!! This man went over there and rocked and loved on that baby like he was his!!”

Subsequently, Wilson — who is a mother of seven — appeared on Good Morning America and said “he went over and picked up the sleeping baby and sat and hummed to him and rocked him until he was called back to his room. This was something I had never witnessed in my life.”

In both her Facebook post and on Good Morning America, Wilson commented that the fact that the man was white and the mother was black gave her “hope.”

Having children is still a rallying point for human beings everywhere. The mother in question, Jade West, and the older man who rocked her baby, Joe Hale, aren’t giving a ton of interviews. Which is even better. Little small moments of kindness happen between people everywhere, every day, proving, that despite how hard life can seem, there are in fact, days worth living for.

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