Hilarious Viral Olive Oil Prank Targets Dads

This is too good.

by Amanda Tarlton
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The Dad/Twitter

Dads are notorious for playing practical jokes on their kids—but in a new viral prank, the tables have turned. People are pretending to put olive oil in their cars and then posting their dads’ hilarious responses to Twitter.

Similar to the 25-pound microwaved turkey prank back in November, the olive oil joke all began when popular parenting account The Dad tweeted the idea to his 74,000+ Twitter followers. “Text your dad this pic and ‘I put oil in my car and now it’s makin weird sounds?’ Post replies,” he wrote on February 11.

And the reactions that The Dad has received online so far are priceless.

Some straight up didn’t believe their kids. “Don’t b a wiseass,” one dad tweeted. Others offered their own advice to correct the horrifying mistake. One dad advised his daughter to “as fast as you can get to the dealer for a total oil flush n change.”

Then there were those who simply had no patience for their kids’ stupidity. When asked what they should do now that their car was acting up, one dad quipped, “Start saving for a new car,” while another merely said, “Walk.”

But it seems that the majority of fathers who were pranked couldn’t help but reply with dad jokes of their own. “Your car is Japanese, not Italian!!!” one wrote. Another questioned if the “weird sounds” his daughter referred to was her car “singing Italian opera.” And one dad calmly reminded his son that “cars are not vegetarian.” Ha ha.

Check out some of the other best responses below:

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