Dad Uses Face-Swap to Show What His Kids Really Think of His Cooking

"Tonight for dinner I hope we have a plate full of hot garbage, so thank you."

YouTube/Woodsie TV

We tend to think of children as sweet, innocent creatures incapable of the cruelty. But parents know when it comes to eating anything other than chicken nuggets and french fries, they often turn into tiny Gordon Ramsays, gleefully criticizing a parent’s lack of cooking skills while begging for ice cream and cookies instead. One dad (apparently named Woodsie) has now used the power of face-swap to help his daughters truly unleash a critique of his aggressively mediocre dinner.

His face-swapped daughter Violet attacks her dad’s less than stellar cooking right out of the gate, saying, “Tonight for dinner I hope we have a plate full of hot garbage, so thank you.” Dad tries to defend his meal but she’s not having it. His older daughter Embry then tries to appease him by saying the meal is good, but when he refused to let her have dessert before she finishes, she admits her ruse and agrees that he’s a “garbage human.” It only gets more brutal, and growly, from there.

The faintly mustachioed duo threaten their father with police action for a poisoning attempt before launching into a tag-team, insult-comic takedown of the plated disaster. From smelling “like a burning tire fire” to tasting like “the devil tooted, lit it on fire, whispered a curse into it, and then sent it up here,” the girls sound like budding Lisa Lampinelli’s chowing down at Flavortown. Hopefully, our hero Woodsie doesn’t really get this level of abuse from his kids when he cooks. If he does, then it would appear the biggest danger of burns in his kitchen comes from serving his sweet little girls.