A Massive Bubble Wall Made this Dad a Bath Time Hero

How many times have you seen a bubble bath touch the ceiling of the bathroom?


As a parent, getting your kid to take a bath can often result in a tsunami of screaming, crying, and, of course, water everywhere. But for one dad, a spectacular wall of bubbles that nearly reached the bathroom ceiling was able to get all four of his kids to fall in love with bath time.

In a video documenting the joy, posted on Good Husband Movement’s Facebook page, two of Mr. Bubble’s kids are in the bath, chilling like a couple of Whos in a Seussian creation while they talk about butts, as kids do. Enter two more siblings other who are so amazed by what their dad was able to make that they just hang out in the bathroom, jumping around and screaming like maniacs, even though it’s not their bath time.

Unsurprisingly, this dad’s epic bubble creation quickly went viral and has been viewed over a million times since it was posted on Monday. It has also been shared 21,000 times and thousands have commented to share their amazement with this dad’s unmatched bubble abilities. The video’s caption gave a simple but undeniably true lesson about fatherhood, saying, “Sometimes being a good husband means simply being a good dad. Give your wife a break and take over bath time now and then.” So next time you want to give your wife a break from the kids, just head to the bathroom and begin construction on the greatest bubble wall the world has ever seen.