Instead of Crawling, This Clever Baby Just Hails the Roomba

With this type of ingenuity, she may never have to learn to walk.


Why crawl when you can catch a ride instead? Babies may not have fully developed brains but that doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking. Case in point, the clever infant in this video who realized that getting to the kitchen is much faster ⏤ and far more fun⏤ when you ride on the family’s Roomba. The only question is: Did she have to hail it with an app?

Joking aside, a robot vacuum is obviously meant to help keep your floors clean. (Also, to map your house’s floorplan and sell the data to the highest bidder.) But whether the young girl climbed onto the Roomba on her own⏤ or her parents plopped her down and hit go ⏤ she does appear to have cleverly co-opted the household appliance for her exclusive mode of transportation. Watch with envy as this lazy mastermind effortlessly glides down the hallway, letting the machine do all the work. Is she heading to the kitchen or to her crib to take a nap? It doesn’t matter, she just holds on and enjoys the ride.