The Coolest Underground Abandoned Mine Park Now Lets You Kayak — And It's Unreal

A dream come true for the adventurous spirit.

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Our planet is full of exciting places to visit. We've got mega-tall mountains, impressive ice sheets, jungles with alien-looking birds, and impressively remarkable mines and caves. Seeing and experiencing these places is a dream come true for the adventurous spirit. And now there's another landmark to add to your bucket list — an underground, abandoned mine park that you can kayak in. Here's what you need to know.

According to Simplemost, there's a kayak tour like no other in the Red River Gorge area near Slade, Kentucky. The Stand Up Paddle offers a Krystal Kayak and SUP Glow tour, which looks absolutely magical.

"You’ll paddle through an abandoned limestone mine by the glow of your LED lights and your headlamp,” the park explains on its website.

“Keep an eye out for rainbow trout who often follow the tour. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a Kentucky brown bat taking a rest on the limestone walls.”

The tour starts on land with a quick skills review before prepping with safety gear, grabbing a transparent kayak, and settling in the underground mine. A tour guide directs your path, and along the way, you see rainbow trout darting through the waters, with colorful LED lights brightening your view.

Finally, you’ll make your way down to the underground waterfall, which will be lit with LED lights and make for gorgeous photos, and a fun adventure story to share with friends.

In total, the kayaking experience is 90 minutes long, including the 1-hour tour and 15 minutes for pictures at the end.

This seems like such a cool way to experience America’s natural, breathtaking wonders — and the type of experience that everyone will love, considering it doesn’t require intense caving knowledge.

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