Real Twins Born in Two Different Years Are Ridiculously Lucky — Here’s Why

They never have to share a birthday cake or split presents.

Natividad Medical Center

A set of twins were, as typically happens, born less than 20 minutes apart just a few days ago. While that wouldn’t normally make national news, it has because, thanks to the very specific timing, they now have separate birth years. Despite being born just 15 minutes after her brother, Aylin ended up a whole year younger than Alfredo. (Well, at least that’s probably what Alfredo is going tos say to piss Aylin off when they get older.) But the best part is?

They never have to share a birthday cake if they don’t want to.

The older brother was born on New Year’s Eve at 11:45 pm, while his younger sister didn’t make it out until midnight the next day, making her an official 2022 baby. Aylin weighed 5 pounds, 14 ounces, and Alfredo weighed 6 pounds, 1 ounce, according to the hospital.

“It’s crazy to me that they are twins and have different birthdays,” said Fatima Madrigal, the Trujillo twins’ mother. “I was surprised and happy that she arrived at midnight.”

It’s an unusual occurrence and the staff at Natividad Medical Center in Monterey County said that Aylin was the first baby born in the hospital in the new year.

“What makes their birth so rare is that they were born on different days, months, and years,” the hospital said in an official statement.

Dr. Ana Abril Arias, a family doctor who delivered the twins at Natividad Medical Center, called it “one of the most memorable” moments of her career.

“It was an absolute pleasure to help these little ones arrive here safely in 2021 and 2022,” she said. “What an amazing way to start the New Year!”

Of course, having different birth years doesn’t really mean all that much but for the twins, it could end up meaning everything. After all, while I am not a twin, I have to imagine the worst part of being a twin is having to share a birthday. But for Alfredo and Aylin, that’s no longer an issue, as he gets New Year’s Eve all to himself and she then gets to start off the new year with a birthday party. It’s a win-win!