We’ve Been Putting Trash Bags In Wrong This Entire Time, TikTok Says

Why didn't anyone tell us?

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Everyone knows how to put a trash bag into a trash can. You grab the trash bag, give it a shake to open it up, and then stuff it neatly into the trash can. Simple, right? Well, apparently and infuriatingly, that’s wrong. It turns out that all of us have been using trash bags incorrectly this whole time and there’s actually an easier way that doesn’t involve you have to shake up the bag to open it up. Where did this shocking revelation come from? TikTok, of course.

A user named StoredSimply posted a video yesterday revealing that like the rest of us, she had been unknowingly using trash bags the wrong way her entire life. She demonstrated exactly how she has been doing, which looks exactly like how most of us have been doing as well, including the big shakeout in order to fit the bag into the trash can.

“You’re not supposed to do that,” she explains.

She then pulls out a new trash bag and points to what tipped her off about how trash bags are actually supposed to be used: the seam, which is inside out. So what does that mean?

“Apparently, you put it on like a hat,” she say.

StoredSimply then demonstrates the easier, less noisy way you can put a trash bag into a trashcan. You just put the bag around the outer rim of the trash can, make sure it’s tight, and then press the rest of the bag in. Simple as can be!

Now, the end result is technically the same but doing it this way does remove the most annoying part of the antiquated trash bag insertion: the moment where you have to shake the bag in order to get it to open up and then shove your arms deep into your trash can which may or may not be gross. By simply using the trash can as a mold for the bag, you get the job done just a little bit easier with a lot less trash-can body contact. Well, the more you know, anyway!

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