Resurfaced Viral Tony Hawk Tweets Make Us Feel Incredibly Old

Famous by name, but not by face.

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A Tony Hawk tweet is overlaid of an image of him smiling

A 2019 story of skater Tony Hawk not being recognized by a kid at the skatepark is going viral all over again. And it’s still as hilarious and wholesome as the first time we heard it. But it also makes us feel old because we’re pretty sure that if we ran into Tony at the skatepark, we would know exactly who he was without him saying anything to us.

On Oct. 30, 2019, Tony shared a story on Twitter about an encounter with a kid at the skatepark. According to Tony, the kid was practicing already when he showed up. The kid asked if he was a good skater. Tony, who is literally one of the greatest pro-skaters of all time, answered that he was “sometimes” a good skater. The kid asked a few more questions before Tony wanted to know the child’s name.

“I asked him his name, and he said Irving,” Tony explained in the tweet. “I told him my name is Tony, to which he replied sarcastically ‘like Tony Hawk haha.’ and then he left.”

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