Safety Recall

85,000 Ultra-Popular Boon Flair, Flair Elite High Chairs Recalled For Fall Hazard

The recall comes after more than 34 reports, including 11 reported injuries.

Four TOMY International Inc. recalled highchairs in various colors.
TOMY International Inc.

TOMY International, a toy and nursery company, has issued a recall of their ultra-popular high chairs after receiving more than a dozen notices that using its highchair has resulted in injuries across the country, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The company has issued a recall of more than 85,000 Boon Flair and Flair Elite highchairs in 17 different models.

“We want to ensure that your child has only the safest products we can offer and will work to remedy this situation promptly — with your child's safety and your trust in mind,” the company posted on its website.

Why are the highchairs being recalled?

The voluntary recall comes after TOMY International became aware of the bolts used to secure the highchair seat to the base coming loose.

The loose bolts resulted in a serious falling hazard, according to the CPSC, and the company has received 34 reports of the base separating, resulting in 24 falls and 11 reported injuries.

Which highchairs are included in the recall?

The recall includes the Flair Elite Highchairs and Flair Highchairs, sold in 10 color combinations, including blue/white, white/orange, pink/white, green/white, gray/green, white, gray, white/gray, white/blue, and red/white. The highchairs retailed between $230 and $380.

The recalled high chairs were sold at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Toys ‘R’ Us, and other stores nationwide and online at,,, and

To check if you have one of the recalled highchairs, take a look at the model numbers on the highchair, which are printed on a label located under the highchair base. Cross-reference to these numbers, which are included in the recall:

Model No.

  • B751
  • B701
  • B702
  • B703
  • B704
  • B706
  • B707
  • B708
  • B709
  • B716
  • B717
  • B718
  • B731
  • B10147
  • B11068
  • B11069
  • B11401

What should parents do if they have the recalled product?

According to the recall notice, TOMY International and the CPSC are asking consumers to “stop using the recalled highchairs immediately” and to contact TOMY International for a free repair kit.

“Consumers will receive a set of bolts and split and flat washers to repair the recalled highchair,” TOMY notes.

For more information or to request a free repair kit, consumers can reach out to TOMY via the company’s website.