Toddler’s Walk Goes Viral After Mom Notices He’s Copying Grandma

"I knew immediately grandpa or grandma is around somewhere."

A toddler walks like grandma in a viral TikTok

As babies grow up into kids, kids, parents get to see their personality develop. The way they walk, talk, smile, and laugh can be heavily influenced by the people around them (or by their favorite TV show). One toddler has gone viral recently after his mom shared a video of how his personality was shaped by his grandma. It’s all in the toddler’s walk, and it’s adorable.

TikTocker @sumala.cwong posted a compilation video of her little boy walking around. While we don’t know his exact age, the toddler has an adorable walk. In the video, mom added the caption, “I was wondering why sometimes my kid walking like this.” And the montage of her son walking around with his hands clasped behind his back begins.

At home, playing with a ball, he walks with his hands on his back. Heading into the kitchen, he still has his hands behind his back. Even at the park, walking down the pathway, his hands are clasped behind his back. Then the video shows the little boy back at home, walking the same way, and in the background, we see exactly why he walks the way he does.

“Yes, just like grandma,” the new caption reads on the screen. As the toddler walks toward his grandma, she starts walking, too, and they have an identical walk. Turns out the sweet little due is copying his grandma.