Toddler’s Viral Reaction to Dad’s Return Will Make You Miss the Baby Days

It's the run and skip that gets you.

Toddler gets super excited when dad comes home in viral TikTok

Parenting in those early days of infancy and toddlerdom is not easy. Sleep deprivations and tantrums can mark a few whole years of learning how to be responsible for an entire, little, complicated human being. But there are also so many fleeting moments that parents will one day miss. And one mega-viral TikTok of a toddler reacting to his dad coming home will help those parents drowning in the stress of the terrible two’s gain some perspective. As for parents of big kids? It might help you miss those early days in the best way.

TikTok user devinalese shared a video of her son Nixon that perfectly captures one of the things we will forever miss with our own toddlers – getting overly excited about the cutest, most everyday things.

In the clip, Nixon is standing patiently on the stoop outside his front door while his mom records. When a car approached from the street, Nixon ran up the driveway path making the cutest giggles. In the car was his dad, and Nixon knew this right away. His dad gave a quick honk to say hi to his son, which set off another cute reaction from Nixon.

“Da-da!” he yelled, while giggling. As his dad got closer in his car, Nixon’s excitement was bubbling over, and he couldn’t contain himself. He runs back to the driveway, knowing it’s important to give space, right as his dad parks the car and jumps up and down.

His dad opens the door