TikTok Mom Shares A Life-Changing Bedtime Hack for Toddlers

"We're about eight months in," mom said, "and she sleeps through the night."

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Social media can be a wonderful thing for parents. Many moms and dads feel less alone and have a community of people to bounce ideas off of. And, in the best-case scenario, parents come across amazing tips like this bedtime hack that could change the game. But is it for real? Here’s what you need to know.

Allison is a mom on TikTok who goes by the username agoyneee_xo. She posted a video of a hack that has helped her toddler sleep through the night, and it’s gone viral.

“I saw a video on TikTok that said if you give your baby a banana before bed, they will sleep through the night,” she said.

So, mom tried it out because “anyone that knows me knows I’ve had the most absolute worst sleeper since the day she was born,” she explained glancing back at her little one.

“We started the banana trick; we’re about eight months in,” she shared, “and she sleeps through the night.”

Her impossible to get to sleep through the night kid slept through the night. And the banana trick has some science backing. According to Healthline, “bananas contain a few nutrients that may help enhance sleep and relaxation,” and these include magnesium and tryptophan, plus also contains carbohydrates and potassium, which also aid in sleep.

Now, “may help enhance sleep and relaxation” doesn’t mean that if you give your kid a banana all of their sleeping troubles will disappear overnight, and it may not work for you at all – but if it works for one mom, it might be worth a try.

Several parents wrote in the comments telling the mom they’re going to try this bedtime hack out because they’re desperate for sleep, too. And if it worked for her, it’s worth a try. And with 2.6 million views, it’s clear that many parents are looking for some trick to help their kids sleep.

“Yup, my baby is having a banana before bed tomorrow,” one mom wrote.

“Does this work for adults, too,” another said.

“OMG! I wanna cry right now,” shared someone else. “I hope this works for us!”

A few people said in the comment section that they tried the bedtime hack and it had the opposite effect on their kids. So stock up on some bananas, but don’t buy out the store just yet, because internet hacks don’t always work just because they worked for someone else.

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