Old Timey!

This Viral Twitter Thread Of The "Old Person" Things We All Do Is Hilarious

"What 'old person' things do you do?"

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A lot of us can probably pull an example from our memories of a time when our parents did something that felt distinctly “old person.” Perhaps they didn’t understand a new piece of technology or said something that was super outdated. Were our parents born on Mars!? Who could be so out of touch!? Well, it turns out that the older we get, we’ve learned that we can be just as grumpy and old school as our own parents. This topic recently came up on X, formally known as Twitter, and the thread is absolutely hilarious.

X/Twitter user, One Less Lonely Girl (@st_weightloss), posed a question to the platform on August 15 that has since been viewed more than 28 million times, with thousands of answers.

"What 'old person' things do you do?" some answers are hilarious, relatable, and very real.

The top answer came from @Hwantstoknow, who shared a funny thing she and her husband like to do that's very "old person."

Do you remember how your parents had weird idiosyncracies in the way they spoke? Well, one Twitter user has gone full-on oldie: "My hubby and I (jokingly) use the word 'the' in front of things like," she wrote, then gave a few examples: "Let's watch The Netflix, We're going to The Applebee's for dinner, Did you get that coffee drink at The Starbucks? The Google Maps can help us find that place."

"Walk around in my robe complaining about how cold it is... every day," @PerPooka replied. Sounds like it’s time to get a new robe!

We all remember how our dad used to nag us for wasting electricity. Turns out, there was a reason to care about that! "I switch off the unnecessary lights," @dhaikilokatweet admitted.

For @MoeMoton, it's a sentence our grandparents used to say. "Start sentences with 'back in my day...'" he shared. Listen, the older you get, the further ‘your day’ gets from you.

@dopeassflower said her "old person" thing she does is "take naps," and @boujiebadd replied, "Once I get home and take my clothes off I'm not coming back out."

Twitter user @zollz’s old person quirk is to "drink tea with all meals," and @Grandonwits has "started hating nightclubs." Warm liquid makes the meals go down easy. As for nightclubs, why be out that late, anyway?

A lot of folks said their bedtimes are getting earlier and earlier. And as for potty breaks? One user said they "use a restroom whenever I get a chance."

@JRStaffa replied that he now likes to "read my daily newspaper while drinking coffee brewed in a Mr. Coffee machine." Adding, "Now please remove yourself from my lawn..." Smells like retirement!

@fallin4fiction considers their joy for eating cornflakes to be an old person quirk, and for @ladyvenoms, their old quirk is to "sigh really loud when I sit down." Sometimes, sitting down just feels that good.

Meanwhile, @KurMudGin does the opposite, proving that standing up is a young man’s game: "Grunt when I get up from a sitting position," they shared.

You can read the full thread here.