This Spider Catcher Is The Latest Dad Invention You Wish You’d Thought Of

Let them live!

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The world is made up of two kinds of dads: those who sing about itsy bitsy spiders and those who crush them without remorse. Sure, it’s your house and you don’t want to let one more pest in who doesn’t pay rent (sorry, kids, cat and dog), but there are a lot of reasons to let arachnids live. Not only do they kill off other insects, but much like grey hair, trying to obliterate one can create a whole lot more.

That’s why Irish dad Tony Allen invented “The Critter Catcher,” the first ever tool to bring spider apologists and murderers together. Combining simple broom-like bristles with one of those claw-grabbers reserved for senior citizens, the catcher allows you to easily evict bugs while preserving their right to life. And no, you don’t need a brogue accent to use it (even if your spouse is into that).

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If your kid is used to you squashing spiders sight unseen, it might take them some time to get used to dad’s new tool (and outlook on insects). Consider this an excellent opportunity to teach them a valuable lesson about the role of spiders in the ecosystem and how it’s not cool to kill living things — aside from that fly in your car. That asshole was totally asking for it.

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