This Map Shows The Most Popular Thanksgiving Sides in Every State

I have questions for the state who searched for side salads.

by Isabella Bridie DeLeo
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Map of favorite Thanksgiving sides in every state

Do you remember Thanksgiving? What about large, rambunctious family gatherings, where you hugged your grandpa and sat inside? Are you thinking of the scent of pumpkin pie wafting through the living room, with turkey (or Tofurkey!) on the dinner table? This time around, hugging grandpa or sitting inside might not be possible as the holiday will likely look very different this year during COVID-19 which has been exploding across the country.

Since larger, indoor gatherings are now being discouraged to try to contain the spread of COVID-19, Thanksgiving tables might look different this time around — and more pared-down, with fewer sides and smaller turkeys. But this new map might encourage people to start thinking about what sides they could bring to those smaller, more COVID-19 friendly gatherings with their kids and their spouse. After all, sides make Thanksgiving in the end. But what Thanksgiving side is on every single state’s mind? According to Zippia, which gathered data from Google searches to determine which sides are the most popular in each state, mashed potatoes are all-around the best bet. But there are still some shockers on the map.

After all, who doesn’t love potatoes mashed creamily with butter and salt and milk? Mashed potatoes came in first place, with 10 states having it as their preferred side, including California, Washington, Illinois, Montana, and Minnesota. Mac n’ cheese, another carb-y, cheesy favorite, came in second place, with 7 states preferring it, such as Georgia, Maryland, and the Carolinas. New Hampshire folks really like cranberry sauce and Maine, for whatever reason, says that “salad” is their favorite side. Salad? Not roast carrots, roast potatoes, or sweet potatoes? Not even a good old fashioned green bean casserole?

I digress! Biscuits and rolls were popular in states like Oregon, South Dakota, and Missouri. Indiana is really, really into Deviled Eggs. Many will be surprised by, or perhaps feel validated, by their favorite side where they live. But hey, you really can’t go wrong with any of these sides…except the salad. That’s for the day after when we recover from all the food hangovers.

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