This Map Shows the Most Popular Superhero in Every Country

Spoiler, Captain America isn't popular where you think.

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It’s no secret that superheroes have become a global phenomenon, as countless fans around the world will passionately consume whatever comic book, movie, or TV show features the latest adventures of their favorite superpowered crime-fighter. And if you’ve ever found yourself wanting to further explore the worldwide popularity of superheroes, you’ll definitely want to check out this map that shows which superhero is popular in over 100 countries around the globe.

To create the map, researchers at GAME, a video game retailer based in the U.K., compiled Google search volume to determine which superhero was the most popular in over 100 countries around the globe. And the results revealed that Spider-Man’s popularity reaches well beyond the confines of his friendly neighborhood.

The wise-cracking, web-slinging teen was the most popular choice by far, as Spider-Man was the top superhero in 57 countries, including the United States (Captain America, ironically, was the top choice in Canada, as well as three other countries). In fact, Spider-Man was so dominant that even if you combined the total number of countries from the rest of the top 5, he would outnumber them by double digits.

Speaking of the rest of the top 5, while the Marvel Cinematic Univers may be dominating the DC Extended Universe at the box office, it’s clear that DC’s top superheroes remain cultural icons. Wonder Woman (15 countries), Batman (11 countries), and Superman (6 countries) all made into the top tier, with Iron Man sliding into the fourth slot with 10 countries choosing him as their favorite.

Aquaman and Captain America both were the favorites of four countries, followed by the Hulk, Wanda, and Groot, who managed to capture the heart of Turkey. There are plenty of egregious snubs, most notably Thor getting absolutely no love from any Scandanavian countries. Looking at the map, what is most clear is how much superhero movies have impacted which heroes are most popular, as every single hero listed is a prominent figure in their respective cinematic universe.

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