Want To Live In An Exact Replica Of ‘The Simpsons’ House? Move To Vegas

Ned Flanders not included.

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Nevada House Used To Be An Exact Model Of The Simposns
Scott Jones

If you’ve ever requested Sir-loin-a-lot for dinner, you can appreciate a good Simpson’s reference even if your kid is too young to get it. With 27 seasons of it already out there, it’s a definite possibility that they’ll discover the show and the dad that makes you look awesome by comparison. In the meantime if you happen to be near Henderson, on the outskirts of Las Vegas, NV, you can also take your little Bart, Lisa, and/or Maggie to visit the real life replica of the cartoon home (good luck getting your Marge on board).

Fox originally built the house, located at 712 Red Bark Lane, as a promotional stunt and prize for one lucky fan in 1997. The exterior was equipped with matching cartoonish colors as well as the tree house, along with the interior being recreated down to the pink walls and brown couch. Despite their $120,000 efforts, the lucky winner opted for the $75,000 cash prize instead, because apparently the ladies aren’t big fans of Bart Simpson spray painted garages.

When the house was resold in 2001, it was promptly covered in beige stucco, because it’s like Homer always says, “If at first you don’t succeed, give up.” Some features still remain such as the patriarch’s face drawn by creator Matt Groenig on the sidewalk. Get as close as YouTuber Adam The Woo and you might be able to see the original color of the garage. However it is a private residence, so you might not want to get too close without the owner’s permission, if you want to deal with a real life replica of Chief Wiggum. Stay home and crack open a Billy Beer instead.

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